5 Coolest Steampunk Items That Will Blow Your Mind

1. Ukulele Bass

Wouldn’t it be awesome to play beautiful music with this?

This beautiful, artistic instrument is fully-functioning with the option of being acoustic or electric. This steampunk ukulele bass was created by the North Carolina company Celentano Woodworks and can be made to order. It was built using different regional woods,  brass gears taken from a repurposed clock, some brass nails, and various common garage items reshaped to give it more steampunk style. It is clear that a lot of passion and creativity went into the making of this steampunk product when you look closely at the detail in the carving and the intricately woven steampunk elements. Any musician would feel like a star if they were playing this instrument on stage with a complementary pair of couture steampunk goggles illuminating his or her stage presence.

2. Pedal-Powered Velo

Pedal to any destination in steampunk class.

Spotted at the Maker Faire 2010, this urban velo turned heads as it steamed by in style, seating three comfortably, as well as a “driver.”  The driver and all the passengers are expected to pull their own weight and chip in by pedaling the velo forward when they hop in the momentous mobile. The velo’s large wheels will make any passenger feel on top of the world as they sit tall and pedal proud. The vehicle’s steampunk design will make them feel out this world as they ride around in cultured masterpiece.

3. RIOT Wheel

Even the Amish would appreciate this.

This unusual mode of transportation, created by Jake Lyall, is a monowheel motorcycle. You might also call it a motorized unicycle. Whatever you call it, it’s truly an extraordinary steampunk machine. This impressive 1,100-pound monster is unusual, because the rider sits outside and in front of the single wheel, so his or her weight doesn’t react to the engine’s thrust. A 450-pound counterweight is used to keep the rider’s seat hovering above the ground. If you’re looking at this thing wondering how it’s steered, you’re not alone. A 65-pound gyroscope is used to steer this steampunk beast along with the effort of the rider shifting their weight. Possibly the coolest part about this machine is that it took a real community effort to make it. Friends of Lyall’s donated their time, money, expertise, or parts in an effort to create something so unique.

4. Nintendo Case-mod

If we grew up playing with this, the whole world would be rollin’ in steampunk style by now.

Redditor Andrew5785 refurbed an elderly Nintendo system for his steampunk loving nephew. He turned it into an awesome little contrafactual brass contraption. If Nintendo had existed during the Victorian era, this is precisely what it would have looked like. There are lots of steampunk-themed video games today, but steam-powered game systems are too absurd to have ever been created. It would have been really cool and convenient to have a steam-powered Nintendo blow your cartridge for you automatically, but this steampunk Nintendo system is the closest absurdity we have. An old-school game system gets taken even further back in time with the metallic steampunk element.

5. Segway (Legway)

It would take real finesse to use this. I bet even GOB wouldn’t be able to handle this.

An enterprising inventor decided the Segway was just too advanced and could be pared down to something a bit simpler and a bit more steampunk. The human-powered result was dubbed the Legway. This memorable steampunk creation is a great alternative, because it is environmentally-friendly and more rare. To add to the steampunk theme, the steering stalk is made from wood with a faux speedometer mounted on the handlebars. All it takes to get this thing going is a brave self-balancing person wearing a pair of cool steampunk goggles. Turning is a challenge, but, with practice, almost anyone can learn to maneuver the Legway.

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