Steampunk World’s Fair is Coming May 17th

steampunk worlds fair

Steampunk lovers, get ready!  The world’s largest Steampunk event is taking place May 17th through the 19th in Piscataway, NJ at the Radisson of Piscataway and the Embassy Suites!  The Steampunk World’s Fair is the biggest and the best for a reason – its attendees are able to attend a huge schedule of events which includes parties, tons of music, workshops and special VIP events!

Over the course of the weekend, attendees will have the opportunity to listen to 30 different musical acts as well as participate in karaoke and listen to the various DJ’s at a slew of parties.  Steam Powered Giraffe, one of the top bands on the Steampunk scene today, is scheduled to perform Saturday night.  These “robots” will get your feet tapping and minds will be blown with their special hydraulics mixed with their mime-like movements and oh yeah, there’s that incredible harmony!  Various styles will be represented throughout the weekend including a band whose form of percussion is Tupperware and others who encompass both folk and rock styles.

If you need a break from the music, check out one of the many workshops or panel events taking place.  The popular panel, “Creating Believable Alternative Steampunk Worlds” will be presented by Brian D. Thomas and Raymond J. White who will also be hosting “Edison vs. Tesla: Is that a Death Ray in Your Pocket?.”  You can even hear from K.W. Jeter, who many regard as the inventor of Steampunk (although he will tell you otherwise!).

The fun doesn’t stop there however!  There’s other entertainment to keep you busy from morning to, quite frankly, the next morning!  A can’t miss opportunity is the Centennial Exhibition Ball, honoring the original Centennial Exhibition Ball, which opened May 10th, 1876 in Philadelphia, commemorating our country’s first 100 years.  Being unveiled for the first time at that ball were inventions such as the Corliss engine, Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone, the typewriter, soda fountains and Heinz ketchup!  At this Centennial Ball, guests will be treated to burlesque stars Talloolah Love as Mata Hari and Aelia Badiana showcasing Egyptian belly dancing.  Lord Montague Jacques Fromage will be the Master of Ceremonies with performances by This Way to the Egress, Unwoman and DJ Doctor Q.

Throughout the weekend, attendees will also be able to take part in contests including the Skypirate Muster Costume Contest, Best Facial Hair Contest, Gentleman’s Duel and more.  Be mesmerized by the Coveilance Dance Project and even enjoy a fashion show with Steampunk fashion designers – showcasing designs from renowned favorites and talented newcomers.

Guests can opt for special VIP tickets which will get you into the VIP Meet and Greet, The King in Yellow at SPWF 2013 presented by The Goblin Market and Waterpunk: VIP Exclusive!  Meal add-ons can all be purchased, including the popular Absinthe Tastings hosted by the talented headliners!

The 2013 Steampunk World’s Fair is a can’t miss opportunity to showcase your Steampunk love and style!  With music and other entertainment it’s certain to be a weekend full of fun and memories!

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