5 Hottest Trends in Women’s Steampunk Fashion


steampunk corset

Corsets are a very ingrained within Steampunk fashion, because they were worn in the eras of history that are deep roots of Steampunk culture. The corset first became popular in sixteenth-century Europe. It reaching the height of its popularity in the Victorian era. Steampunk fashion is largely inspired and influenced by the Victorian Era, as well as the succeeding Edwardian Era. The newer corset of the Edwardian Era was called the straight-front or swan-bill corset, so it put less pressure on the stomach area, but more on the spine. Corsets are a great fit into steampunk style, because they are made with great attention to detail and a deep history.


steampunk black leather jacket

Leather is a very significant element in the Steampunk fashion world. Leather is tough. It can withstand the wear and tear of the ideal Steampunk lifestyle. Steampunk is all about being a stylish explorer of time and space. Leather can be incorporated into any article of clothing or accessory to make it edgier. Since steampunk is a swirl of past and future, leather is perfect because it never goes out of style. Anyone wearing a steampunk outfit lacking leather just wouldn’t be fully prepared for adventure.

Belt Bag

Steampunk belt bag

The audacious lifestyle of a Steam Punk calls for a comfortable and compact storage bag. The belt bag is widely popular with travelling females, because it allows one to be more agile and spontaneous with their tools balanced on their hips. A regular bag applies pressure to one side of the torso. Brass and leather are the quintessential materials to use in such steampunk accessories.

Tall Boots

steampunk tall boots

Tall boots are another timely asset for a Steam Punk. Aside from being quite sleek and sexy, they are durable and protective. They are often made of leather and consist of many straps and buckles. Tall boots are the Steampunk trend that have infiltrated into popular culture. They are a perfect balance between looking good and feeling good.

Geared-up Jewelry

Stardial Necklace in Pewter
Stardial Necklace in Pewter

Steampunk fashion runs on diamond-encrusted gears. Steampunk jewelry comes in many varieties. Feathers, lock-n-keys, wings, clocks and bugs are used as themes from time to time, but the most defining element of what makes a piece of jewelry steampunk is the gears. The symbolism is timeless, because once gears get going, a circuit of them can push each other forever. The Victorians were concerned with how technology affects morality. Jewelry is a very personal form of art. Steampunk culture has a lot of deep ideas to express.


steampunk goggles

 Don’t forget a pair of classic Steampunk goggles to complete a bold outfit!

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