Steampunk World’s Fair 2013 – Part 1

Steampunk World's Fair Banner
Fans of the Steampunk World’s Fair go all out!


If you haven’t been to the Steampunk World’s Fair at least once in your life, it is not to be missed. From the countless Steampunk fanatics dressed from head to toe in one of a kind costumes, to gizmos, gear, and gadgets, this festival has something to offer for everyone. But don’t think you have to dress up to attend. It is almost as fun just to witness all of the whimsical intriques of the Steampunk Fair. If you’re interested in learning more about this years event. Stay tuned to our blog, because there will be more pictures, stories, and highlights coming your way.


Goggles, boots, guns, and even umbrellas were essetial accessories.



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