How To Do Your Steampunk Makeup

ariel-makeup-siren-1-296x296Sometimes wearing your standard steampunk clothing is not enough, and you want to spice up your look a bit with a cool hairstyle design or makeup. Not to worry! Follow these steps for how to do your steampunk makeup.

There are no hard and fast rules for what your makeup should look like. In fact, individuality and a little creativity are better, especially when it comes to steampunk. In general, when going for a steampunk look, you want to stick to grays and blacks, with gold highlights, to be representative of machinery and different industrial inventions (think smoky-eye look). Aside from that, you can pretty much do any look you want. Here is one suggestion for how to complete your steampunk makeup.

Prep your face

Before you begin, clean and wash you face, removing all old makeup. Add a moisturizer if you want and let everything dry before you begin. Then, take a dab of your favorite foundation and apply it as you normally would, making sure to blend it down your neck. Add concealer as desired and powder to set it all. Use bronzer on your cheekbones, sides of your forehead, nose, and jaw line to give yourself a high-class contoured look. Add a soft blush to your cheeks. Make sure to keep this very light. We want the eyes to be the main focus here.


Eye makeup

This is the most important part of your steampunk look. Remember to use grays and golds! First prime your eye. Then add a gold pigment to the inner corner of your eyes until half way across your lid. Apply a dark brown, gray, or black to the other half of your lid and all along the crease. Blend the two colors together well. If you chose to use a brown, mix in a bit of black or gray for a steamier look. Then take a black pencil liner or black eyeshadow and go over your crease with all the way down to the inner corner of your eye, creating a smooth arch. Blend out the black until it looks smoky. Add dark eyeliner on your upper and lower water line and a thick line right above and below your lashes. Blend the black out, making sure to keep it strong, so it looks like puffs of smoke coming from your eyes. Add mascara for thick and bold lashes. If you want, fill in your eyebrows so they look strong and powerful.

Lip color

You really can use whichever color you want when it comes to lipstick. With this look, try using a bright red to offer an appealing contrast to your smoky eyes.


If you’re feeling really daring, use some of the glue you use to apply fake lashes on some small gears, cogs, and clocks and glue two or three at the corner of each of your eyes. Try putting a large gear at the corner and a smaller one above and below it, following the natural shape of your eyes.

Don’t forget to add a pair of your steampunk goggles! Wear them in your hair (try a messy updo) so you can show off your sexy eyes. For further inspiration, browse around for pictures of goggles and base your look off of those. Remember to make the look your own somehow and you’ll look fantastically steamy.

For some visual inspiration, check out this awesome Steampunk Makeup Tutorial by MadeYewLook! She does a great job and lists specific products you can use!

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