Fall Steampunk Fashions for Men

The hot summer months are almost over and it’s time to update you wardrobe with the latest Fall styles for men. Since there is a significant temperature difference between Summer and Fall, it’s important that your outfits change as well. You will need to don warmer clothes and jackets in order to keep yourself warm with the light autumn breeze. But, bear in mind, that Fall is a far cry from Winter, so make sure you still allow yourself some breathing room to embrace the last dredges of the warm Summer heat. These tips can help you build a great Fall steampunk fashion look for men.


Layering your clothes is a great idea in the Fall months. This is because you are never sure on any given day whether it will be a day reminiscent of the passing Summer or the upcoming Winter. Plus, a layered look is always a fashionable one! To perfect this style, wear a simple and light-colored t-shirt (white is always a great option) and pair that with an argyle-styled cardigan. You can really wear a cardigan in any color, but for a more traditional steampunk look, try using smoky or neutral shades. To top this off, wear a leather jacket in brown or black and leave it hanging open so you can see the layers underneath.


A big part of steampunk fashion for men involves leather. You don’t need to wear this exclusively though. Try adding one leather option to your outfit for a great steampunk look. Whether this is your jacket, a belt (or a belt pouch if you are even more daring!), leather boots, or leather gloves, adding a touch of this type of material can really accentuate your look. Be careful not to overdo it though!


Adding a few accessories is a great way to let your personality shine. Add a steampunk watch, steampunk cufflinks, a steampunk hat, steampunk cane, steampunk belt, or steampunk goggles to dress up your look. Try wearing only one or two every day so you don’t look too extravagant or juvenile. Remember there are multiple ways to wear each accessory, so you can wear your steampunk goggles hanging around you neck one day with a complimentary steampunk watch, and then wear them around the rim of your hat the next day. In this way, purchasing just a few accessories can give you limitless styling options, allowing you to switch up your look every day. If you don’t have any steampunk-styled accessories, you can make your own DIY steampunk jewelry by adding different gears and cogs that you find in an antique store or around your house.

A note about colors:

Steampunk is all about combining the Victorian Age with science fiction, which strongly emphasizes the industrial time period. But that doesn’t mean you are restricted to blacks, browns, and grays. In fact, fashion during the Victorian Age was very bright and colorful, even for men. Incorporating dashes of color throughout your fall fashion look is perfectly reasonable—even encouraged!

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