How To Dance Steampunk Style

Dancing your steamy heart away can be fun and easy!
Dancing your steamy heart away can be fun and easy!

If you’re looking to pick up a new hobby and learn something new at the same time, why not try learning how to dance steampunk style? A couple of weeks ago, we talked about a unique prom idea by giving it a steampunk theme, but you can create other opportunities where you can show off these skills too. Commit to learning these dances with one or two of your friends, and then dress up and dance your steamy hearts away to some nice steampunk music. Follow these tips and you can be dancing like a pro in no time!

Look The Part

Most importantly when learning how to dance steampunk is the clothes you wear. Steampunk is really open-ended, and the creativity options are endless, so decide what look you want to go for and work from there. This means, if you want to be a classy, debonair gentleman, then dress up with a more aristocratic feel using the Illustrious Inventor Steampunk Goggles. If you want to be a dreamy, swashbuckling pirate, try the Steamship Pirate goggles. Whatever look you decide to go with, make sure your entire outfit stays consistent!

Walk The Walk

Now comes the harder part: learning the dances. Remember, Steampunk combines the best of the Victorian era with a futuristic twist, so if you have some experience with Victorian-esque dances, you’re more than half way done! If you and your partner can do a waltz, polka, fox trot, or any of these other ancient dances, just tweak a few things to give it a more steampunk feel. A few suggestions include stomping your feet with your leather boots in a rhythmic pattern that matches the music and makes a lot of noise. According to famous choreographer and dance instructor at Stanford University, Richard Powers, instead of holding each others hands in a classic Boston Two-Step, hold each others wrists while making a fist with your other hand. According to him, this will give your dance a steampunk feel and you can keep the moves essentially the same. Make sure you play steampunk music in the background. Powers suggests using Vanessa Mae’s techno Can, Can (You?) for a “futuristic spin on a 19th century tune.”

If you have no experience with dance, you should first choose one dance style you want to learn, and then study the basic steps involved with that dance. You can learn the basic dance moves here, and then follow Power’s suggestions for how to give it a steampunk feel. Anna Bothelho also provides some really good tips for steampunk dancing.

Now that you’ve learned one or two of these dance moves, grab your steampunk girl or guy and head to the dance floor. You can even add a punk-edge to the dance by using Power’s steampunk recommendation: giving the women nerf guns and having them shoot one of these soft bullets at the backs of the gentlemen that they want to dance with! No matter what style you end up choosing, remember to have fun!

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