Steampunk at Sea in 2014

When summer dwindles to an end and fall makes its glorious entrance, there is an undying urge to at least fantasize about a huge vacation, if not actually book one.  Sure, conventions and fairs are awesome, but wouldn’t be amazing to be on a full throttle Steampunk vacation? Well it doesn’t have to only be a fantasy.  We did our homework and bring to you, drumroll please… The second annual Steampunk cruise!

3This awesome Steampunk cruise discovery is a seven day trip that ships out of New Jersey and sails to Port Canaveral, FL, Coco Cay, and Nassau Bahamas.  There will be plenty to do and see during the visits to the touring spots, but that’s not all.  Being a Steampunk themed cruise, there will be plenty of guest writers, speakers, artists and musicians along with a bunch of awesome events!  So get your sexiest Steampunk accessories and bathing suits together so you’re ready for a crazy fun time!

The actual ship is equipped with fifteen decks, ten pools and whirlpools, and sixteen total clubs, bars, and lounges.  With miles and miles of ocean to view, there is nothing better than enjoying some relaxation and adventure time all in one place.  There are sport related amenities such as basketball courts and an ice skating rink, and there is a giant rock climbing wall that overlooks the sea.  Find your perfect place to relax among one of the poolsides and the spa, and enjoy some good eats in the three floor dining area.  Whatever you decide to do, you can find it all on one boat.  There will also be complimentary Broadway style entertainment in the main theater and a Vegas style casino!  What’s not to love?

One of the events on the ship will be the High Seas Film Festival and will take place over the course of the seven days.  The goal is to get the very best of new and classic works from all over the world together for everyone to enjoy and appreciate.  The award categories are Best Feature, Documentary, Short Subject, and Series, however there will be a showcase of  various different films of the same categories.  Along with the big film festival, there will be other events such as parades, The Great Mad Scientist Monologue Competition, vintage bathing suit contests, and a cocktail party that offer prizes for the week’s best dressed and other categories.  There are excursions to Kennedy Space Center and Disney World, which for a little bit extra can make the whole trip just that more exciting.

No matter what you decide to do on a cruise like this, everything will be awesome and create long lasting memories.  For people who are new to Steampunk or haven’t started getting into it yet, it could be the gateway into a world you may have never even known was there.  Reserve your cabin and prepare to get fabulously Steampunked on a vacation you are sure to never forget.  They’re taking reservations already so don’t miss your chance!

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