No Skirt? No Corset? No Problem! Steampunk Looks for Women

Find fashion that fits your inner Steampunk!

It’s always fun to glam it up but what if your inner Steampunk lady is a little more rough and tumble? If you’re a wealthy adventuress in the Congo, an airship’s mechanic or anything in between, here are some fun ideas to make your Steampunk costume come to life.


If your Steampunk character habitually jumps from speeding locomotives, or peddles a gyrocopter a skirt is a liability! Basic khakis are a great and easy costume piece. You can find them at thrift stores or chain retailers, they come in a range of browns from very dark to very light, and they can be fitted or loose depending on your character or comfort.



If you’re in the market for something practical and inexpensive a pair of suspenders can really make a great addition to your costume. Most suspenders come in men’s sizes so keep that in mind while you’re shopping. You might even want to go over to the boy’s section and browse there.

Utility Belt:

For the gal on the go utility belts are fantastic! They serve the practical purpose of holding your pants up, and letting you carry your essential items without a purse, AND they let you add little touches to your character. Some ideas for belt items include, tools, handkerchiefs, weapons, compasses, maps, manuals, leather pouches, monocles, and canteens.  And if you miss the corset look but don’t necessarily want to wear a corset you can choose a thicker belt with a larger buckle.



If you don’t want to lose the bag, than leather or burlap messenger bags are great and come in all sizes. You might want to get one with lots of pockets to keep things organized and separate. Also small leather backpacks are sturdy and distribute weight evenly across your shoulders.



We’re all familiar with the tiny tilted top hat, but there are tons of other options for headwear! For starters, a pith helmet could be just the thing for your world famous explorer. For that ship’s mechanic a brown leather flap eared hat with a pair of Steamship Pirate Goggles says you are ready to get to work! Other options include a basic newsboy cap, train engineer hat, or a wide brimmed cowboy hat.


One of the best things you can do for yourself is to make sure your steampunk costume has comfortable shoes! If your Steampunk-self rides horses or tromps through the Outback a pair calf-to-knee high leather boots would be your best bet.  Work boots or combat boots also have a great Steampunk look to them and are meant to be walked in for long periods, so you know your feet are safe. If you buy second hand it just makes the look even more authentic!



Black powdered eye shadow makes great “coal dust” or “engine exhaust”, and cream shadows are great for engine grease. You can apply as little or as much as you want to your face, neck, hands, or even clothes. And as far as other makeup goes: Basic, Glam, or non-existent the choice is totally up to you! Make sure to keep in mind what style of Steampunk goggles you will be wearing, because your makeup should not overshadow them, or end up being covered by them.


Whatever fashions you choose, keep your Steampunk character in mind. This will help you determine the best clothing and accessories!

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