Ascent Personal Vaporizers Put the Steam in Steampunk

The Ascent Personal Vaporizer from DaVinci
The Ascent Personal Vaporizer from DaVinci

Steampunk and innovative technology have always gone hand-in-hand, and The Ascent Personal Vaporizer from Davinci, seems to be leading the way in the vaping trend while proving extremely useful on the Steampunk scene.

Vaping in its current form has been around since the early 2000’s, but huge advances in technology, and more options for users, have turned this once isolated practice into a full-blown phenomenon with a thriving social scene. Vaping allows even casual smokers the opportunity to enjoy their favorite dry blends, socialize, and save money all while enjoying the familiar routine of smoking with fewer chemicals.

The world of Steampunk has started embracing personal vaporizers for a number of reasons. One of the biggest being that with all the time and effort put into making incredible Steampunk props and costumes, the last thing a person needs is to run the risk of ruining them with smoke or a stray spark. The very nature of vaping eliminates the need for any kind of fire, and since the contents are up to the user a smoker can load the vaporizer with tobacco alternatives or just plain water and enjoy the routine of smoking without subjecting clothes, or fellow cosplayers, to any harsh odors.

Also, with many Steampunk conventions, meet-ups, and faires being held in public places most smokers are severely restricted by most state laws prohibiting smoking indoors, and in some cases only in designated outdoor areas. The strain is especially felt in hotels where patrons and vendors book rooms for days at a time for events and can’t always request a smoking room. As of now there are very few, if any, restrictions on vaping in public places. Anyone who has ever had to leave the comfort of their hotel room to smoke outside on a cold night can certainly appreciate the convenience of vaping!

Easy to load and quick to heat makes The Ascent  convenient as well as stylish
Easy to load and quick to heat makes The Ascent convenient as well as stylish

Another added bonus for vendors who deal in homemade oils and fragrances is a vaporizer’s ability to heat their products safely and quickly to display to potential buyers. The Ascent has a quick heating chamber and a long battery life so vendors can concentrate on the customers instead of constantly replenishing the sample display, or keeping an eye on an open flame.

Aside from all of their practical applications, personal vaporizers have become a way for creative cosplayers to accessorize their Steampunk ensembles. At first glance The Ascent Vaporizer from Davinci stands out for its Steampunk look. We like the burl wood design because of its old-world feel; it brings to mind the smoking rooms and lounges of the Victorian upper crust. More industrial than a common pipe or cigar, the effect is new technology with old fashioned flair which is undeniably Steampunk. Lightweight, and easy to carry some have even found it useful as a clever prop. A well placed vaporizer and some clever rigging can create the illusion of producing steam for any mechanical parts of a costume!

Easy to use and extremely cost effective The Ascent Vaporizer may not run on steam or coal, but it certainly captures the spirit and innovation of Steampunk!

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