Flash Feature: New Steampunk Game for iPad and iPhone

Steampunk Goggles the game, available now on iTunes

Ever wished you could take your goggles with you in your pocket? Now you can with a new game by developer Doron David. David is the creator of I Can Develop Games, a website that teaches people how to develop their own games with no coding experience necessary. His newest game, Steampunk Goggles, though created independently of our site, was too tempting to resist checking out!

Steampunk Goggles the game is a match 3 style game with a time limit challenging the player to see how many goggles they can match in less than a minute. The time factor definitely keeps things interesting as players strive to beat their best overall score all to fun music and fully realized graphics. Steampunk Goggles the game also has a multiplayer mode where players can compete in real time against Facebook friends or anyone in the world using the unique multiplayer system.

We touched base with David to get the low down on the fun new app and find out more about the man himself:

What inspired you to do a game based on Steampunk goggles?

I love the way people dress up and the science fiction around it. Goggles, I find, are the main element when it comes to Steampunk, so it is a main factor in this game.

How long have you been into Steampunk?

I’ve been into steampunk for a while, since I was a kid really. I must admit I didn’t know the trend was called Steampunk until a few years ago.

How long did it take to develop the game? What were some of the challenges?

It took about 3 months to develop our game ‘Steampunk Goggles’. Part of it is thinking of a theme for the game, research of the theme, game mechanics, and actual development including graphic design and sounds. We are proud of the result. Here is a direct link to download the game for FREE: http://bit.ly/steampunkgoggles

Selecting the graphics were the most challenging part of the game and is of most important to gamers. The game can be great but if you don’t get the visuals right, who would want to play it? The game mechanic is a fun match 3 style game, which introduces the limit of bounding the graphics into squares so they fit in a grid, and still having them be recognized by the player.

 Tell us about yourself as a developer

Steampunk Goggles is a timed match game by Doron DavTell us about yourself as a developer. What other games have you developed?

I’ve always liked playing video games growing up. (Galaga anyone?) Later when growing up I wanted to move behind the scenes and actually create the games. About 3 years ago I started producing them one after the other. This is by no way a source of income for me, so dedicating time is always a challenge. However, mixing things you like with games is rewarding. Think of a theme, find the right type of game, and there you go. Obviously easier said than done. I created space games, racing games, platform jump games, and few useful apps that are used by many across the world. I have a total of 42 apps and games to date, with 5 more in the works to be released at the beginning of 2014. All of my games can be viewed in one link here: http://bit.ly/doronapps

How can people reach out to you about game development?

I have a site where I teach people how to develop games, no coding necessary. In it I teach by example how you can produce a game, step by step. The blog is full of useful tips. Your readers can visit it at http://bit.ly/icandevelopgames . The best way to get a message through to me would be via my facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ICanDevelopGames

Are there plans for anymore games?

Yes, in fact one of the games in the works is another Steampunk theme, endless running style. People love steampunk. Other than what I love to create, I follow the trend and create games accordingly.


Steampunk Goggles the game is now available for download through iTunes for iPhone and iPad
(don’t worry Android users, your time is coming!)

Here is a direct link to download the game for FREE: http://bit.ly/steampunkgoggles

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