Goggles Make the Heart Grow Fonder – Awesome Goggles for Valentine’s Day!

Whether you’re attending a Valentine’s Day event, looking for the perfect gift for your Steampunk Sweetheart, or just in the market for some hot new designs to add to your outfit, the team at SteampunkGoggles has assembled a fine assortment of goggles you’re sure to love!

Disclaimer: SteampunkGoggles.com takes no responsibility for any attention, swooning, marriage proposals, or worship that may be incurred when wearing these goggles. Flaunt at your own risk!

Freedom, Beauty, Truth, and Goggles

Moulin Rouge Lace Fantasy Goggles

The newest addition to our goggle family these Moulin Rogue Lace Fantasy goggles are exclusive to SteampunkGoggles.com and created by Debbie Rounds. You can see Debbie’s signature lacework embedded in the body of these Candy Apple Red colored goggles. The black lace on the vibrant, hand painted red goggles captures all the  heat, romance, and decadence of the Moulin Rouge. A great way to protect your eyes in style if you ever find yourself in the middle of a frenzied can-can!



A Lovely Pair with Royal Flair


You may have seen this set of goggles featured on our Kickstarter Campaign. Custom made by husband and wife super team Graham and Stacy Faye deHuff for our Steampunk Goggle Deck  of Cards these goggles were created with royalty in mind. Get them individually or as a set for double the fun!

King of Hearts Goggles in Red Suede
King of Hearts Goggles in Red Suede

You can’t spell suave without suede. Well, we guess you could but would it look this sexy? We didn’t think so. The King of Hearts Suede Goggles are hand made with a metal mesh over one eye and a double eye loupe over the other, giving the wearer a tempting choice: do you want to get up close and personal, or do you want to blur the lines of discretion?

Queen of Hearts Goggles
Queen of Hearts Goggles

The color scheme of the sweet and flirtatious Queen of Hearts design brings to mind those tantalizing tarts the Knave of hearts was so keen to steal. The soft leather begs to be touched, (only at the Queen’s command, of course) and the fun and playful heart shaped jewels at the eyepieces wink as they catch the light.




Sweet and Dangerous

Mauve Leather Steampunk Goggles with Brass Spikes

For the rebel who wants to be able to stick cupid right back these Mauve Leather Steampunk Goggles with Brass Spikes are just the thing! Also from the deHuff’s this is Steampunk Romance with an edge. The soft leather body of these goggles captured in a light, innocent mauve is decorated on both sides by tough brass spikes. There may be romance in the future, but it’s clear you’ll be the one calling the shots.




Nice day for a White Wedding

White Wedding Goggles - Distressed Bronze Look - Side View
White Wedding Goggles – Distressed Bronze Look – Side View

If red and pink aren’t your thing this pair of Distressed White Wedding goggles works for Valentine’s Day, Your Wedding Day, or a Post Apocalyptic Free-for-All! Created by Hans Meier the goggles are made of sturdy brass with white paint overlaid on top for the textured distressed effect. The lenses are also removable just in case you feel some red lenses just might suit you after all…






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