Bee and Flower in Brass

The Brass Revolution has arrived: New original designs from Steampunk Goggles!

That new spring line we’ve been promising is finally set to go and we thought when better to debut it than on St. Patrick’s Day? Everyone is already celebrating so why not give them something else to raise a glass to? These new goggles were all designed and handmade by our goggle artist-in-residence Mike Patierno, and proudly carry the Brass Revolution label. As if you needed any more proof of the luck of the Irish.  Sláinte and enjoy!

Bejeweled Masquerade Goggles – from Brass Revolution

Bejeweled Masquerade Goggles

If this design looks familiar it’s because it was first seen in Steampunk Goggles, The Deck.  These goggles were an original concept specially made for the deck and worn by our pair of Steampunk Jokers. Now they’ve been brought to life and are available in full color! This pair of Bejeweled Masquerade goggles is a great alternative to a traditional masquerade or Mardi Gras mask, or for those who want to put some color in their outfit. These repurposed welding goggles have been affixed with approximately 26 rhinestones in assorted colors and a brass toned timepiece on either side. To top it off, the blue and reddish orange lenses have a fun retro look that’s similar to Steampunk 3D glasses.


Basic Clockwork Filigree goggles – From Brass Revolution

Basic Clockwork Filigree Goggles

Basic doesn’t always have to mean boring and there’s a lot to love about these Basic Clockwork Filigree goggles. Both intricate and affordable these welding goggles have been painted in a warm brass tone and feature several designs elements for those who just don’t want to have to choose between their favorite parts of Steampunk. For the gear-head or clockwork fan a cog and gear charm is affixed over one lens. For the classic Victorian the pair features small metallic filigree accents on either side. And finally for the air pirate, ship’s captain, or nautical enthusiast there are two brass buttons with nautical anchors on each side as well. It’s like having three goggles in one!


Old Skool Filigree goggles – From Brass Revolution

Old Skool Filigree goggles

Want to make goggles a part of your costume but not the focal point? Or are you just looking for a good solid starter pair as you break into the Steampunk universe? Then The Old Skool Filigree goggles are just the pair for you. These goggles are painted in anodized bronze for a smooth finish, and then affixed with an antique silver-toned metal filigree pattern on both sides. This is a very simple and streamlined design for both casual Steampunk lovers, and hardcore Steampunks who love the classics and want some casual attire. A great feature of these goggles is that if you want to get adventurous later on they’re easily customizable with some color lens replacements!

Bee and Flower in Brass
Bee and Flower in Brass – Pollination Goggles from Brass Revolution

Pollination Goggles

Bright, bold, and perfect in any season these shining brass Pollination Goggles are affixed with a large intricate brass bee charm on the left side. An impressive metallic flower sits over the right lens together with a brass button on the right side of the goggles. Honey-colored yellow lenses finish off this fun, unique design and will give you a sunny outlook whenever you wear them!




Pick up our Brass Revolution Spring Line here

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