Steampunk Costume Ideas For Halloween 2014

It can never be too early to start planning your Halloween costume, but  it most definitely can be too late. Halloween is a time to show off your creative side by crafting a look that is uniquely you. Therefore, if you want to come up with something truly special, let us help you get started on the right foot, with some creative suggestions.  Some of the most popular costumes on the market include superheroes, princesses, and monsters. We all want to be someone or something that we couldn’t be on an average day. Unfortunately though, if you are buying your costume in a store, you will likely run into others with that same costume. So why not take these popular themes and Steampunk them, for an attention-grabbing look that is sure to set you apart.

Steampunk Superheroes

Using Batman as an example, there are a few simple modifications that can be made to his look, without spending too much time or money. Starting with some color changes to his all black outfit, you will make your batman costume stand out, by spray painting the body armor either a brown or bronze color. Then add little gears or knobs that make his armor look more  like a working machine. These small changes will all help to transform your Batman, but any Steampunk Superhero needs Steampunk Goggles to really make a statement. These Coal Miner Steampunk Goggles would fit perfectly with any Steampunk Batman costume, they are sleek and low profile, with just a touch of bronze! coal-miner-compass-goggles-353x353

If you are really invested in making the best possible Batman costume, and you are willing to go all out, why not replace Batman’s cape with a set of mechanical wings.

Steampunk Princess

Whether you decide to come up with your own princess idea, or you choose to transform a Disney Princess, there are several basic paths you can follow with clothing choices. Always keep in mind when coming up with your costume, that Steampunk women are tough! They would wear pants over a dress any day. In order to make sure others know what princess you are – incorporate colors that they are known to wear or keep certain details like hair color and style the same.   When in doubt, always incorporate a corset!

From boots to top hats, and goggles to weapons, a true Princess is all about her steampunk accessories! Even if you change nothing about her look, but add these accessories, you can make any princess into a steampunk princess. Some styles we like for princesses are the Steampunk Wedding Goggles and the Red Pearl Button Goggles with Silver Eye Cups. The red pearl goggles would look especially nice for Ariel or Mulan! red-side-296x296

Steampunk Monsters

Monsters don’t always have to be gross and horrid looking. For a more sophisticated look, we thought that incorporating our head-turning Cthulhu Necklace with a strapless dress, some bronze cuffs, and steampunk makeup, would be a nice way to show off your steampunk side. If you don’t know much about applying steampunk style makeup, check out our Steampunk Makeup Tutorial. It will take you through the basics, and then you can add special embellishments where  you see fit. rsz_octopus-necklace-antique-bronze-top Want more Cthulhu? Check out our Cthulhu Goggles or Octopus Ring to really add some personality to the look. For guys, the Cthulhu Goggles would be perfect with a top hat and suit, or even as a playful addition to their pirate attire.

We hope these suggestions help get your creative juices flowing! Feel free to send us a photo or two of your completed costume, we would love to see where the inspiration takes you!

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