Halloween Costume Ideas For 2014

halloween_003We started off the Halloween season in September with an article on Steampunk Costume Ideas For Halloween 2014, which covered 3 potential sub-themes: Steampunk Monsters, Princesses, and Superheroes! However, being that this is our favorite month of the year, there is so much more to say on the matter. 

Check out some of our favorite unique costume ideas and suggestions for what accessories to pair with them. We have given a lot of thought to these suggestions and we know that you can easily customize them to your personality! So take these as a starting point and send us pictures of how you’ve been able to transform them. We would love to see the results!

Steampunk Adventurer

Every Steampunk Adventurer loves the outdoors, especially when they are taking in the beauty and grandeur of uninhibited nature. For this reason, we would recommend a few essentials for all explorer costume variations. In terms of clothing, you should go with shirts and pants that look worn. You are out in the wilderness, dealing with the elements on a daily basis, so you will need to look the part. Leather is a great way to make you look more professional and less like a bum! So try finding a leather vest, corset, or jacket to add some class to your look.

The following two accessories would also do a great job for highlighting this theme:

1. Steampunk Traveler Pendant

The Steampunk Traveler Sundial Pendant is a must, for any Steampunk Adventurer costume. It shows that you are an explorer who knows how to be on your own, and that you are use to utilizing nature’s gifts to survive. This awesome necklace is unisex so anyone can wear it and it comes with a black silk cord which will help it to blend in well whether you are wearing a leather corset or a dark brown jacket. This piece of Halloween jewelry will be a staple in the closet of anyone who loves jewelry, whether or not they are a fan of Steampunk.



2. Green Pearl Button Goggles

The most important thing for every adventurer to keep safe is their eyes, and there are few better ways to do so than with a pair of  Green Goggles. These particular goggles are perfect, because adventurers don’t care about over-the-top decorations, they prefer simplicity and these goggles have just that. The pop of green on their lenses is just a fun way to solute nature.


Steampunk Royalty

If you are less the outdoorsy type and more about the “finer things in life,” this means royalty is the way to go. There are so many things you can do with a costume built on opulence and there is never “too much” when it comes to adding on accessories. For your outfit, make sure that everything you wear is nicely pressed with the appearance that it is brand new or well cared for. Women can enjoy wearing fine dresses with detailed corsets and handheld fans to keep them comfortably cool at all times. Men should wear their finest suits, a deep chocolate brown color would work perfectly and don’t forget to have a pocket watch with gold chain hanging daintily out of your vest pocket. If you will be going to an outdoor event, select a pair of Halloween Sunglasses that will keep you from squinting like a mere commoner.

Here are some more specific steampunk accessories you that would pair well.

1. Bronze Glasses

These Bronze Steampunk Glasses would pair well with any clothing combination you choose as a steampunk royal. Simply make sure you have a servant ready to hand them to you at a moments notice.



2. Royal Goggles


Purple is the symbol of royalty! Pair these Steampunk Royalty Goggles with some beautifully quaffed hair or a nice top hat and you have a look that your friends will be envious of.



We hope these easy costume ideas will help you get excited to dress up this season, and feel free to share them with your friends.

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