DIY Steampunk Home Decor

When people are trying to decorate their homes, most people would say the best advice is that it should completely represent you.  If you love the ocean, add some oceanic accents around the house that will make you happy.  After all, you live there. Shouldn’t you love it?  So if your all a out Steampunk, why not decorate with Steampunk inspired home decor? DIY Steampunk inspired decor isn’t always easy and can mostly be purchased. We found a couple do it at home crafts that will be fun, inexpensive, easy, and most importantly, STEAMPUNK.

In order to ensure that we have chosen some of the most epic Steampunk projects for everyone, we did our best to base them off of our hottest Steampunk goggles.

Vintage Steampunk Clock

Our project is for the kitchen.  If you want to spice up your clock (not everyone just checks their phone) that hangs in your kitchen.  Spice up your cooking space Steampunk style to inspire some tasty treats!

What you’ll need:

  • Your boring clock

  • Some awesome vintage fabric

  • Scissors

  • Paper to make a pattern

  • Black acrylic paint

  • Glitter glue (optional)

Here’s what you have to do

  1. Take the rim and any other removable pieces off of the clock.
  2. Lay your clock face down on your paper.  Trace around the clock and cut out your paper pattern.  Be sure to leave about 1/4 of an inch around the edges of your pattern so when you cut your fabric, there is enough room to tuck it in.
  3. Brush glue on the opposite side of the fabric.
  4. Lay fabric on the clock, and use a flathead screwdriver to tuck the fabric in.
  5. Put the frame back on the clock, make sure it is on tight.
  6. Decorate with any Steampunk trinkets or embellishments, personalize it!

One quick and simple craft we found we based off of our simple, yet totally awesome goggles.  It’s a super easy craft that looks Victorian and edgy.

Shadow Boxes

What you’ll need:

  • Old drawers or crates, which can be found at a craft store or consignment shops.  Perhaps on sites like craigslist too.

  • Varnish or paint

  • Steampunk trinkets or embellishments

  • Nails

  • Hot Glue (optional)

  1. Once you find yourself some crates or old drawers, clean them. Especially if they’re used, you don’t want to be painting over dust or dirt.
  2. You’re going to want to varnish or paint the wood.  We prefer varnish because it keeps the wooden feel of it, but if you prefer a certain color like black or white, go for it!
  3. If you have any embellishments, such as clock pieces or game pieces, by all means add them on.  These are your shelves, make them say you!
  4. Nail them on to your wall.  If you went with all different sizes, you can make them fit together in a tetris style formation. If they’re all the same size, you can just nail them straight across or even vertical for a bookshelf look.

DIY isn’t easy, but with a little work and some tools, it can definitely be worth it!  Like we said, your house should say you.  Steampunk is based on creativity and handmade goods, so anyone who walks into your house and knows the deal will certainly be impressed.  Even non Steampunk folk will look twice!

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