Sundial Pendant

Steampunk Stocking Stuffers For 2014

What better way to celebrate this holiday season than by putting a stash of steampunk stocking stuffers into the stocking you’ve got hanging over the fireplace (or living room wall)? Celebrate Christmas with your family, the Winter Solstice (December 21st this year), Hanukkah, any other secular or non-secular holiday, or even my favorite, Festivus) with a few of these delightful treats.

Small Steampunk Trinkets – Monocle & Stardial Necklaces

Budget-Priced Goggles

Premium Goggles

No matter what your budget, there’s something for everyone here. These are great, unique and unusual gifts that are sure to put a sparkle in somebody’s eye this year. It’s not too late to pick up a last-minute stocking stuffer for 2014!