Steampunk Art / Tuesday, Jan 28 2014 2:39AM

Shanghai Steam, A Steampunk Wuxia Anthology

Steampunk has its roots as a literary genre, and even though people tend to think of it today as a visual medium there are still plenty of writers out there coming up with Steampunk tales to captivate eager readers. Shanghai Steam is an anthology of stories featuring a mashup of Chinese Wuxia fantasy and Steampunk. […]

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Steampunk Art / Saturday, Dec 14 2013 7:36AM

Steampunk Goggles: The Deck – Help make a deck of Steampunk playing cards

At we’ve always been about collaboration and highlighting the work of talented artists, and we’re happy to announce our biggest collaboration to date! Steampunk Goggles: The Deck is a hand illustrated, Limited Edition deck of cards featuring Steampunk archetypes wearing artistic renditions of real Steampunk Goggles that are featured on our site. See The […]

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Pop Culture / Monday, Nov 25 2013 1:57PM

Mac McGowan, The Man behind The Glee Goggles

Mac McGowan, the man behind the goggles recently sported by Adam Lambert on Glee, is clearly a master of his craft. McGowan has been an artisan for over 40 years. “I started doing traditional leathercraft as a hobby back in 1968, when I was 10 years old. During middle school I made extra money by […]

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Steampunk lifestyle / Friday, Nov 08 2013 10:53PM

Explaining Steampunk – A Scientific Approach

“Mom, Dad, I have something to tell you…I’m into Steampunk” “Oh honey, we know. The goggles really gave it away. But we love you no matter what.” “I’m the luckiest kid in the world!”  Has this ever happened to you? Of course it hasn’t. Firstly, because you don’t live in a family sitcom from the […]

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Steampunk lifestyle / Thursday, Nov 07 2013 2:23AM

Ascent Personal Vaporizers Put the Steam in Steampunk

Steampunk and innovative technology have always gone hand-in-hand, and The Ascent Personal Vaporizer from Davinci, seems to be leading the way in the vaping trend while proving extremely useful on the Steampunk scene. Vaping in its current form has been around since the early 2000’s, but huge advances in technology, and more options for users, […]

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Pop Culture / Wednesday, Nov 06 2013 7:35PM

Adam Lambert in Steampunk Goggles on Glee

Tomorrow night’s episode of Glee, A Katy or a Gaga featured pop megastar / American Idol runner up Adam Lambert in full steampunk garb, sporting a pair of the Watchmaker’s Dream Steampunk Goggles around his neck, complete with leather strap and double eye-loupe. In this episode, Kurt holds auditions for his new band and must decide […]

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Steampunk lifestyle / Friday, Nov 01 2013 8:19PM

Steampunk Photography by Bill Munster

Little did Bill Munster know when he placed an order through that it would spark a creative avalanche. A graduate of the Germain School of Photography in New York City, and former English teacher, Munster had been been capturing images for years before he stumbled upon Steampunk. “Dover Publishers put out a clip-art book of […]

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Pop Culture / Tuesday, Oct 29 2013 4:55PM

The Makeup Siren makes Steampunk Go Bollywood

A recent photo titled “Bollywood Steampunk” has been making a huge splash on the Steampunk scene. The photo of a woman in an Indian-inspired Steampunk costume was photographed at Florida Supercon and quickly went viral, receiving countless shares. While the world was understandably admiring the costume some people wondered who the model was. It turns […]

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Steampunk Art / Saturday, Oct 19 2013 1:12AM

Original Steampunk Artwork by John Garrett

Artist, illustrator, and web designer John Garrett has certainly got a lot on his plate, but when approached him about making some custom artwork the owner and operator of enthusiastically answered the call! Though this is Garrett’s first collaboration with SteampunkGoggles he is no stranger to the genre, and credits comic books for […]

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