Pop Culture / Wednesday, Nov 06 2013 7:35PM

Adam Lambert in Steampunk Goggles on Glee

Tomorrow night’s episode of Glee, A Katy or a Gaga featured pop megastar / American Idol runner up Adam Lambert in full steampunk garb, sporting a pair of the Watchmaker’s Dream Steampunk Goggles around his neck, complete with leather strap and double eye-loupe. In this episode, Kurt holds auditions for his new band and must decide […]

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Pop Culture / Tuesday, Oct 29 2013 4:55PM

The Makeup Siren makes Steampunk Go Bollywood

A recent photo titled “Bollywood Steampunk” has been making a huge splash on the Steampunk scene. The photo of a woman in an Indian-inspired Steampunk costume was photographed at Florida Supercon and quickly went viral, receiving countless shares. While the world was understandably admiring the costume some people wondered who the model was. It turns […]

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Steampunk Events / Wednesday, Oct 16 2013 6:32PM

Steampunk News from The 2013 New York Comic Con

For a lot of people New York Comic Con is THE event of the year. Over the course of four days The Javits Center in New York City plays host to the best in Geek Culture including comics, video games, entertainment and, of course, CosPlay. As the event grows every year more and more genres […]

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Steampunk Fashion / Wednesday, Aug 28 2013 3:50PM

Halloween Costumes for Men

With Halloween right around the corner, it’s high time we started preparing for this big night. This means stocking up on chocolate, lollipops, fruit-roll-ups, and all the different types of candy out there. But that’s not enough. It’s time to start thinking about what costume you want to wear to dress up your evening. You […]

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Steampunk Fashion / Wednesday, Aug 21 2013 5:42PM

Fall Steampunk Fashions for Men

The hot summer months are almost over and it’s time to update you wardrobe with the latest Fall styles for men. Since there is a significant temperature difference between Summer and Fall, it’s important that your outfits change as well. You will need to don warmer clothes and jackets in order to keep yourself warm […]

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Steampunk Fashion / Friday, Aug 16 2013 7:45PM

Steampunk Presents: Macbeth on the Hudson

On August 13, 2013,  a few people from the Hudson Shakespeare Company put on a production of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Steampunk style!  Directed by Noelle Fair, the play was their third installment of their twenty-second annual production. Fair decided to put a twist on the classic play by using steampunk-inspired clothing as their costume wardrobe. Many […]

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Steampunk Events / Wednesday, Jul 31 2013 4:28PM

Unique Steampunk Halloween Costumes Ideas

The fourth of July is long gone, and Halloween is quickly approaching – a joyous time for young kids, and not too bad of a time for adults, either. Jack O’Lanterns, candy corn, ghosts, and bats will soon decorate homes across the country. However, the best parts of Halloween are the costumes – both planning […]

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Steampunk Fashion / Monday, Jul 29 2013 9:07PM

Chile Comic Con Shows off Steampunk Style

  From May 20th, 2013 to the 26th, Comic Con spent some time in the Republic of Chile. Bringing in all types of fans from all over the red-hot country, the typical superheroes moved aside for a take-over of the steampunk variety. Women and men donned dreamy comic con outfits this 2013 to show off […]

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