Steampunk Fashion / Thursday, Nov 21 2013 3:48AM

Steampunk Goggles Exclusive: A Sneak Peek at Makeup Siren’s Newest Creation

After gaining attention for her Steampunk Bollywood inspired cosplay Makeup Siren (AKA Ariel Dixon) is already hard at work on her newest Steampunk ensemble with the help of! ┬áHer first stunning Indian-Inspired cosplay was photographed at Florida Supercon and quickly went viral, putting the spotlight on the professional makeup artist and cosplay enthusiast. Though […]

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Steampunk Fashion / Friday, Nov 15 2013 5:17AM

Creativity is King in Steampunk Cosplay

Cosplay of any kind is a special occasion but for Steampunk it is a full-on event. Though its roots are literary Steampunk has evolved into an incredibly visual genre, and the first place people usually look to for Steampunk visuals is the costumes. ┬áCosplay is a phenomena that spans across all genres, and attracts artists […]

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