Steampunk lifestyle / Thursday, Sep 05 2013 9:46PM

Twitter And Steampunk

The thing that makes steampunk so unique is that it adds a futuristic twist to outdated objects. This is the case for all steampunk items because steampunk is all about combining the beauty of the industrial, Victorian age with a science fiction, alternate reality.

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steampunk games / Monday, May 06 2013 10:00AM

5 Coolest Steampunk Items That Will Blow Your Mind

1. Ukulele Bass This beautiful, artistic instrument is fully-functioning with the option of being acoustic or electric. This steampunk ukulele bass was created by the North Carolina company Celentano Woodworks and can be made to order. It was built using different regional woods, ┬ábrass gears taken from a repurposed clock, some brass nails, and various […]

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