steampunk games / Thursday, Oct 17 2013 7:16PM

Clockwork: Empire, A New Steampunk RPG

If you’re looking for more ways you can immerse yourself in the world of Steampunk a new game from Reliquary Game Studios may be just the thing! Clockwork: Empire is a tabletop, card-based RPG that takes players into a rich world of social unrest, political intrigue, and the supernatural, all against a Victorian Steampunk backdrop. […]

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steampunk games / Monday, Aug 19 2013 1:26AM

A Steampunk RPG Review

One Role Playing Game (RPG) that presents both a stimulating intellectual challenge and a gripping storyline is called Über RPG: Steampunk. Operating under the catchphrase: “Welcome to a world of mad, inspirational wonders and wild scientific theory, wrapped in fog, run by gears, and lit by gaslight,”

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