Steampunk Events / Monday, Jul 29 2013 9:07PM

Chile Comic Con Shows off Steampunk Style

  From May 20th, 2013 to the 26th, Comic Con spent some time in the Republic of Chile. Bringing in all types of fans from all over the red-hot country, the typical superheroes moved aside for a take-over of the steampunk variety. Women and men donned dreamy comic con outfits this 2013 to show off […]

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Steampunk food / Wednesday, Jul 17 2013 1:47PM

Homemade Steampunk Candy & Treats

All right, we’re going to be honest here and say that this Steampunk candy is not authentic candy from the Victorian Age or Industrial Age. Nor is it futuristic candy from an alternate science-fiction universe. However, it is delicious and when shaped in a Steampunk style,

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