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Prescription Goggles – Lenses Starting at $100 Per Pair

Classic Black and Bronze Compass Goggles 3We have teamed up with an expert manufacturer of prescription eyewear and lenses here in the US to bring you expert craftsmanship that will enable you to wear your steampunk goggles over your eyes, without the need for contact lenses or glasses underneath. These Rx goggles are great for motorcycle / mx,  ski / snow and other non-contact sports and activities. The corrective lenses we offer are custom designed to fit your goggles perfectly. At this time we only offer prescription goggles; we do not have prescription sunglasses. Please read all instructions below, then be sure to select and purchase a pair of goggles before ordering lenses.

  • Types of Lenses Available

    At present, we can only offer single-vision lenses, not bifocals or progressive lenses. We highly recommend our scratch-resistant polymer lenses, starting at $160 per pair. However we can do plastic lenses for just $100 per pair. Options include tinted lenses, anti-scratch coating for additional protection and polarization (great for cutting down glare).

    If you wear bifocals, you might possibly be able to achieve a similar effect for reading with our clip-on eye loupe magnifiers, but they are not prescription lenses and we make no guarantees that they will suit your needs. Most of our eye loupes have a 3.3x magnification per lens.

    Prescription lenses are available for goggles only. We do not carry prescription sunglasses.

  • Information Needed Before Ordering

    You will need the following nine (9) numbers from your optometrist, as well as a copy of your prescription. By law, they must release this information to you upon request, as well as a copy of your prescription:

    • OD (right eye): SPH / CYL / AXIS
    • OS (left eye): SPH / CYL / AXIS
    • Pupillary Distance: Binocular / Monocular Right / Monocular Left

    Scan or take a digital picture of your prescription - you will need to upload it when placing your order.

  • Ordering Instructions
    1. Place an order for the goggles that you want (not including the prescription lenses), and take note of the order number that appears after you have submitted payment. We will bill you for the lenses separately after reviewing your prescription. Add a note to your order that you are ordering prescription lenses separately. Browse All Goggles
    2. Fill in the form at the bottom of this page, including an uploaded image of your prescription
    3. Contact us if you do not receive an email or phone call within 3 business days of placing your order. If there are no problems, then we will invoice you for the cost of the lenses. Upon receipt of payment (Paypal or credit card), we will manufacture the lenses and install them into the goggles you ordered. If there are any problems, we will contact you. If we cannot make your lenses for some reason (e.g., the prescription can't be verified), then we will refund you for the goggles purchase.
  • Delivery Time - 4-6 Weeks

    Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

  • No Refunds on Lenses, Only Goggles

    Goggles (not lenses) are subject to our current return policy.

    There are no refunds on lenses, because they are a custom order. We can only guarantee that we will have the lenses manufactured according to the details in your prescription, and formed to fit your goggles.

    That said, this is an amazing product that will open up new worlds for you!

Order Form

Follow the instructions above first, to make sure you have all of the right information, then fill out the form below. We will contact you for payment information after verifying your prescription.

Full Name (required)

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Order ID # (Order goggles first, then complete this form for lenses)

Lens Material
$160 - Scratch Resistant, Coated Polymer (Recommended)$100 - Budget Plastic

Clear (No Tint)+$40 - Gray Tint+$40 - Blue Tint

No+$150 - Yes

OD (Right Eye): SPH / CYL / Axis
/ /

OS (Left Eye): SPH / CYL / Axis
/ /

Pupillary Distance - Binocular

Pupillary Distance - Monocular Right

Pupillary Distance - Monocular Left

Additional Information

Additional Information