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Aquitaine Astrology Sundial Necklace in Pewter


On sunny days, suspend the dial by its black satin cord and aim the hole toward the sun.  A ray of sunlight will shine through to illuminate a number on the inside of the dial, showing the time of day.

  • Zodiac design
  • Handcrafted pendant
  • Pewter and brass tone design
  • Pendant includes 31″ silk cord


This charming pendant is engraved with the Signs of the Zodiac.  In 1152, Eleanor of Aquitaine and King Henry II enjoyed each other’s company – and we don’t mean at the dinner table. Eleanor gave the king a similar sundial to the one shown here, to remind him when it was time to leave the hunt come home for a romantic interlude.  Henry returned the favor and gave his lover a similar sundial, engraved with the words Carpe Diem, or Seize the Day.

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