Blue Pearl Goggles in Silver with Leather Strap


  • Decorative blue pearl-like adornment on either side with metallic embellishment
  • Blue lenses (removable)
  • Leather strap with nickel buckle (silver tone)
  • Silver-toned metallic rims
  • Textured metallic silver spritz over black eye cups
  • Lens caps easily removed to adjust space between lenses for narrower and wider faces


These beautiful and colorful goggles feature a blue pearl-like button with a metallic adornment on each side and blue lenses.  The eye cups feature a dual tone of metallic silver around the rims and a textured spritz of silver over black on the base, giving them just the right amount of shine and texture. The genuine leather strap with nickel buckle adds that final dash of class that makes them stand out above the rest.


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