Brass Bee Goggles with Honeycomb Lenses


Buzz buzz! You’ll be the hottest bee keeper in these brass colored bee goggles with honeycomb lens. The goggles are riveted brown leather with a silver bee embellishment on each side. Perfect for your next cosplay event!

  • Beautifully hand-crafted
  • Now with thin, glass lenses to┬áreplace acrylic
  • Brown faux leather
  • Bee charm on either side
  • Elastic band


“Bee” the hottest bee keeper in these brass colored goggles. If you have your ladies running around as edgy bees, everyone will know who’s bees they are when you are wearing these goggles with the silver and brass colored bee embellishment on each side. These are exactly what you want if you were looking for simple, original, and comfortable. The brown leather riveted eye cups will comfortably fit your face, and there is a thick strap to support all day wear for any event you’ll be attending in the future. Just like the Air Pirate lenses, they are honeycomb shaped so although you can easily see everything around you, it is more difficult for others to see what you are keeping your eyes on. At your next steampunk event you will be what all the buzz is about, and rightly so! Be the one everyone is envious of when you make it a group event showing up with a crew of lady bees and yourself as the bee keeper. You can even sport them at your next costume event with a pair of giant gloves. Be creative! Even in all black you will certainly make a buzz with everyone! Whatever you decide on, you will be super comfortable and look awesome.

Now with glass lenses to replace softer acrylic, as glass is more difficult to scratch.


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