Embossed Brass & Brown Steampunk Goggles with Dark Lenses


These dark lens steampunk goggles add a bit of mystery to your look. Their classic leather design is made all the more intriguing with the darkness that hides your identity from view.

  • Hand-made
  • Embroidered faux leather
  • Easy Cleaning (Lenses Unscrew)
  • Adjustable Nylon Band For Comfort Fit


The sleek look and classic embossed embroidery design in faux leather make them a staple in the closets of all die-hard steampunk fans. Their dark black lenses paired with their soft brown leather, give them a rustic yet mischievous appeal. Plus they go with anything, from a top hat to a funky hairstyle, or a vest to a vintage dress.

Furthermore, they have an adjustable nylon band for a comfortable fit, and lenses that easily unscrew for cleaning. They’re great for bioshock cosplay.

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