DIY Steampunk Welding Style Goggles – Single Pair


  • DIY Steampunk Goggles
  • Elastic Strap
  • Dual lenses for each eye – one clear and one dark lens (NOT safety rated)
  • NOTE: These are NOT ANSI safety rated goggles – they are a costume accessory only, and are not meant to be used for welding. No labeling other than a faint A on one side near the strap, and a faint B on the other side near the strap
  • Compatible with our color 50mm replacement lenses (highly recommended – the dark lenses that come with these goggles are fine for wearing around a hat, but offer poor visibility if over the eyes)

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If you’re a steampunk hobbyist and enjoy painting, gluing, decorating and otherwise embellishing your own goggles, then this is exactly what you want. It’s a simple pair of welding goggles for you to pimp out however you see fit. Paint them with enamel spray paint, hand paint them, add accessories, filigree, rhinestones, buttons… replace the strap – the possibilities are endless. Swap out the lenses for a pair of color goggle lenses – do whatever you want to customize your goggles.


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