Forest Green Steampunk Goggles With Brass Filigree


  • Designed by Debbie Rounds
  • Robin Hood inspired steampunk goggles
  • Forest green frames
  • Brass, silver, and copper embellishments
  • Antique solid brass chain
  • Handmade steampunk goggles

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These gorgeous steampunk goggles comes with antique silver filigree, vintage fittings, and genuine leather strap with antique brass buckle and rivets. They have a handcrafted adjustable antique copper nose piece hand which is forged and shaped to fit around the bridge of the nose, complete with a solid antique brass chain. In the spirit of Sherwood Forest, they are a deep forest green with a distressed brown leather strap, and have antique brass, antique silver, and antique copper embellishments.


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