Sherlock Holmes Steampunk Goggles With Dual Magnifiers


  • Designed by Mac McGowan
  • Beautiful Brass and Leather Design
  • Double eye-loupe – real magnifying capabilities
  • Target over one lens
  • Adjustable Nose strap
  • High quality leather


A gadget lover’s dream! This handmade pair of goggles is fully functional and able to magnify small objects. Magnifiers can be set over either eye in production, and are 3 and 5 power respectively. Lenses can magnify objects either 5 inches away by themselves or 1 inch away when combined.  The magnifiers swivel up and down and their stem bases are knurled machined finials.

They also have a cross-hair design over one lens and a double eye-loupe is over the other. The body of the goggles is made of a comfortable, soft, brown leather with an oil finish, brass rivets, and an adjustable nose bridge that conforms to your face.

Adding these goggles to any Halloween costume this year, would surely take it to the next level!


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