Silver Bee Goggles with Honeycomb Lenses


Steampunk goggles with bees on them are always a favorite, but this pair is special. Everyone loves their yellow lenses beneath the honeycomb covers!

  • Hand-made
  • Now with thin, glass lenses to┬áreplace acrylic
  • Shatter Proof
  • Easy Cleaning (Lenses Unscrew)
  • Adjustable Nylon Band For Comfort Fit


What better color combination than black and yellow for these bee goggles. From their honeycomb lens covers to their yellow lenses beneath, these goggles will not be missed. The black leather makes their bee embellishments stand out on the sides, while allowing for a look that’s still sleek and cool. Easily remove the lens covers for quick cleaning, and adjust the nylon strap for the most comfortable fit. These insect goggles would make a great gift for the steampunk lover that enjoys the outdoors and all its wonders!

Now with glass lenses to replace softer acrylic, as glass is more difficult to scratch.

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