Silver Toned Sunglasses: Blue Lenses & Blue Filigree Side Shields


These silver-toned sunglasses have lenses that look blue from the front, but purple and other hues when viewing from different angles. The

  • Silver Toned Frames with Light Blue Detailing
  • Blue lenses that change hue depending on viewing angle
  • UV protection
  • Round lenses

Approximate Measurements:

  • Lens – 52mm outer diameter
  • Frontal face width: 135mm
  • Front to back (temple to back of leg): 160mm

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This modern interpretation of lennon style steampunk glasses with round lenses are something special with blue and purple pops of color. The reflective blue lenses and blue filigree side shields add some fire to these glasses. You’ll be surprised at the number of compliments you get when wearing them out.

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