Spiked Air Pirate Steampunk Goggles


These spiked air pirate steampunk goggles are brown in color, with bronze colored honeycomb lens. The riveted goggles are accented with three big spikes on each far side, making them the perfect accent for this upcoming Halloween. They are finished off with yellow lenses, to increase the honeybee vibe.

  • Now with thin, glass lenses to┬áreplace acrylic
  • Yellow Lenses
  • Brown Faux Leather
  • Elastic band


Allow yourself to be the absolute baddest queen bee around in these riveted Air Pirate Steampunk goggles, where the name speaks for themselves. Your bee costume can also “bee” described as the queen Air Pirate with these edgy bronze colored spikes, three of which complement each far side of this pair of goggles, so make sure you let everyone know you have six stingers, instead of just one. The yellow lenses will give a cool tint your vision as you buzz around your Halloween party making a statement. The bronze colored honeycomb lenses complete the bug eyed look, so if you were looking to win that costume contest, feel confident knowing you are a solid candidate. Don’t limit yourself to just Halloween. The Queen Bee Air Pirate can also be the newest superhero at your next Comic Con or Cosplay. Be original and wear something totally new! A thick brown strap will securely hold the goggles on your head, so feel safe knowing the key asset to your costume will not be falling off your face, as long as someone doesn’t get get jealous and try to snatch them off your face (in which case, good thing you have your six stingers)!

Now with glass lenses to replace softer acrylic, as glass is more difficult to scratch.


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