Steampunk Anthropologist Goggles With Magnifying Glasses & Dark Lenses


This gorgeous pair of steampunk goggles has intricate features such as cogs on the side of the frames and a functional pair of magnifying lenses attached to the lens. They’re styled true to the Age of Steam, with the following features:

  • Two double eye loupes (clip-on, removable magnifying lenses)
  • Dark welding goggle lenses
  • Cogs and gears down the sides
  • Elastic strap


These beautiful steampunk goggles are almost too pretty to wear. Almost. The great quality and build of the goggles, plus the removable magnifying lenses (that actually work!) make this a great purchase for authentic Age of Steam style. Black in color, with cogs and gears down the sides, these gorgeous goggles can be used for an illustrious inventor look, or a debonair gentleman sophistication. The clip on magnifying glasses elevate these goggles from steampunk accessory to steampunk necessity. You can even wear these while welding or soldering!


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