Single Lens Eye Loupe – Clip On


This flashy eye loupe makes an excellent steampunk accessory, and can be easily attached to regular eyeglasses. If you aren’t looking for regular steampunk goggles, then this functional gadget is for you. It also makes a great gift for the steampunker in your life!

  • Single lens eye-loop
  • Clip-on (be sure your goggles have something for it to clip onto before ordering, such as a clamp)
  • 10X strong power lens
  • Fully functional

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This single lens eye loupe is the perfect alternative for regular steampunk goggles. With a strong power lens of 10X and compact dimensions, this cute gadget can be added to any of your clothes or hats to give them a steampunk look, or can be used as a fully functioning tool to help you make steampunk jewelry or other small accessories. Plus, they can attach to your glasses to help you see better! This eye loupe is extremely cheap and since it combines style with functionality, you may just have to buy a bunch of these to give to all your friends.


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