Victorian Welding Goggles with Bee Carving

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These gorgeous Victorian-esque welding goggles feature an intricate metal bee carving on the sides. The light metal rims add a touch of grace to these already exquisite goggles, which are the perfect steampunk accessory!

  • Metal bee carving on side
  • Light metal rim
  • Argyle pattern on strap
  • Beautiful and functional


The steampunk welder style goggles are beautiful and functional. Featuring an exquisite metal bee carving where the eye lenses meet the straps, these goggles have an element of grace and style atypical of actual welding supplies. The light metal rim surrounding the eyepiece is simple enough that you can see clearly out of them, yet chic enough that it captures a certain simple sexiness. The strap displays an argyle brown pattern and is adjustable for your convenience and comfort. They would pair well with a steampunk inventor costume for your next holiday or costume event!

1 review for Victorian Welding Goggles with Bee Carving

  1. Johnson Pendlebury

    I’m a beekeeper by trade and when I saw these goggles I knew I needed to get them. I really like the creative use of hose clamps around each lens to give them a bit of an edge. Get ready for my stinger!

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