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DIY Steampunk Inspired Jewelry

Steampunk Wrap Wristwatch for Women
Steampunk Wrap Wristwatch for Women

Steampunk is a recent trend with a serious following of devoted fans. Decked out in intricate outfits that date back to Victorian times, each look requires more than just a simple wardrobe. With our DIY steampunk tips, you’ll be able to combine goggles, jewelry and clothing in new ways to sport a fresh, vibrant look.Instead there is a slew of vintage inspired pieces, coated in brass clogs and tremendous style. For Steampunk, accessories make the look come alive. But they’re not exactly easy to find. Many fans of Steampunk incorporate their own finds to create incredible, one of a kind pieces. Follow these tips so you can too!

This specific style incorporates an era of industrial excellence with a creative dose of futuristic fun. Its accessories are a strange and exciting mix of of fantasy and vintage appeal. Something about the marriage of industrial items with softer pieces brings about an innovative style to this current trend.

Incorporate Antiques

Try browsing through your attic or garage. Rummage through your junk drawers to find key pieces that can be used in Steampunk costume jewelry. An old watch or antique pocket watch contains parts that are great for your diy projects. Clogs and gears are essential. Their intriguing shapes provide a great amount of eye catching features.

Choose Cameos

Cameos are pretty popular within the steampunk jewelry scene. Place a cameo atop layers of gears to create a beautiful backdrop, perfect to hang on a simple chain necklace or you could fasten a pin to the back and wear it as a fashionable, vintage inspired broach. Remember, brass is the way to go. Use old fashioned keys and locks to create ornate charms for necklaces or bracelets. Pair vintage lace with industrial, brass pieces to create a bracelet. Older, brass lockets are also a fun way to create new jewelry pieces. You can add to the front, or create an interesting hidden design inside to be discovered whenever you open it.

Hardware &  Vintage Stores

Many of these pieces can be found in your own home. If your house is lacking in vintage finds, try going to some local stores. Hardware stores can provide some great pieces. A vintage clothing store, or thrift shop may have just what you need at a more affordable price.

Use the Everyday

Don’t be afraid to break open old clocks. You’ll find a great assortment of pieces that will work perfectly as jewelry pieces. And grab more than just the gears, the hands of clock can be used to create an interesting design. Modern watches are not made in the same manner, so do some research before you try breaking into something that may not have any of the parts you are looking for.

Remember, when all else fails: brass, brass, brass. There’s something about it’s shine that gives off an old world vibe. And don’t forget to have fun with this! Invite your Steampunk gang over and have a crafting party. With a larger group, you can all pool your finds together and help each other create unique and stylish pieces. With your new items, you’ll be a Steampunk star in no time.

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