International Steampunk City

Check out the amazing Steampunk environment of the International Steampunk City!

Want to have fun and learn at the same time? Want to help a charity benefit with a great cause?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then mark your calendars for October 12th and 13th. From the creators and hosts of the Steampunk World Fair comes the next big deal in Steampunk. For all you steampunk fans, get geared up, and get ready for the International Steampunk City (called Steam City) hosted in Morristown, New Jersey, this coming October. This recreation of the Age of Steel is the perfect opportunity for you, your family, and friends to dive into a steampunk life (even if it’s just for a few, short hours) and have a great time.

Steam City boats a number of attractions such as Stephen Vail’s homestead, where he forged parts of the engines that were used in both the first American locomotive called “Tom Thumb” and the first steamship to cross the Atlantic, the SS Savannah. Sites such as Vail’s home and factory and six other buildings that were part of his estate will be open for both guided and self-guided tours. International Steampunk City will serve as a charity benefit that will help these notable buildings and this historic town gain fame, popularity, tourism, and funding.

There is no need to dress up for this event, but who doesn’t want an excuse to don a costume and spunky hairstyle? Grab your coolest pair of steampunk goggles and your leather jacket, corsets, boots, clocks, and gears and strut your stuff at the live blacksmithing demonstrations and hands-on experiments at Steam City. There are even interactive performances and craft activities for young children, so spread the word and bring everyone you know!

Take a break from the multiple performances and learn a thing or two as you sit in on lectures covering topics from where Steampunk comes from to Queen Victoria’s different clothes and fashions. No matter your level of steampunk knowledge, you’re sure to learn something new.

To fully experience and appreciate everything that Steam City has to offer, lodging and transportation is provided so that you can be steampunk citizens for two days. This way, you can truly immerse yourself completely in steampunk culture in daytime and experience the nightlife as well. Travel to the pubs and taverns and explore the different restaurants and dining options that include a large variety of cuisines so no matter your preference, you’re sure to find something you like.

When you’ve finished exploring Steam City and learned all you can about steampunk food, clothes and culture, take a look at the many shops where you can demonstrate your own steampunk style. From carefully crafted handmade jewelry to steampunk dolls, clothes, and art, spice up yourself and your home with these wonderful items. This way, you leave Steam City not only with memories to last you a lifetime, but trinkets that bring a little of Steam City with you wherever you go.

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