A Unique Prom Idea: Steampunk Style

Pick up your date for your steampunk prom in a more vintage looking vehicle.

Looking for a unique prom theme? Look no further than a steampunk-style prom. Steampunk allows for an elegant, high class Victorian appearance with a hint of daring and adventure.

The Room:

To pull off a steampunk design you need to blur the lines between metal tools/technology and decorative fashion. This means you will need a lot of metal-like decorations. To turn your school gym into a steampunk hall you can do a number of different things. First, spray paint some tables and chairs a metallic color (this may require multiple layers of paint) and then sand the paint down so it looks like a smooth and even finish.

Next choose one or two bigger pieces that can serve as accessories to accent the steamy-ness of the room. Perhaps a steampunk bike can be parked in the middle of the room. Or maybe a phonograph can be painted and reconstructed to incorporate a steampunk-esque look. Make sure the band uses guitars and instruments that have been painted or designed along the lines of the steampunk theme. To take this a step further, have the bands play songs that combine both Victorian class and futuristic spunk.

The Fashion:

No steampunk prom is complete without a steampunk costume. The most important item for your steampunk costume is the goggles. There are a number of different goggle styles out there. Try the Rebel Winged Steampunk Goggles for a daring look. It’s brass color and dangling ball and chains embody the steampunk essence and will make you stand out as the handsome, devil-may-care rebel. For a more swashbuckling, debonair look, try the Pirate Goggles.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect goggles, you need to develop a personality or persona for yourself. If you’ve chosen a more aristocratic styled goggle, then make sure your outfit reflects that look. No matter the style you’ve decided to embody, make sure the actual clothes you wear preserve the steampunk identity. Wear corsets, leather jackets, and leather boots. These are perfect because they imitate styles that were worn in the Victorian era and represent a tough resistance that is demonstrative of a steampunk way of life.

If you’re sewing your own costume, use lots of leather, brass, and gears. In general, stick to darker, steamy colors such as bronzes, browns, black, and maybe even dark green, blue, or purple. Patterns such as pinstripes or argyles can be used if you don’t want to stick with just one solid color. Keep in mind that steampunk is also about the “punk,” and edgy is good too. Using torn, rugged skirts that incorporate asymmetry with class can be perfect for a steampunk prom. Just make sure you’re balancing both the Victorian steam-industry with the future-esque punk.

Make sure your hair is reminiscent of a Victorian style, too. Wear your goggles up in your hair for a classic steampunk look, or twist and turn your hair into elegant yet daring braids or buns. Complete your steampunk prom look with a pair of gloves to make the corsage look more intrepid. For an even more inspired steampunk style, get rid of the corsage altogether and replace it with a steampunk-style bracelet.

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