3 Tips For A Steampunk Lifestyle

Remodel your laptop with a Steampunk twist.

With the growing popularity of the genre of Steampunk morphing into an actual lifestyle, it’s important to acknowledge that we do live in a modern world. And this contemporary world is advancing and improving and inventing more and more electronic devices that are fast becoming almost necessary for properly functioning in today’s day and age. So if you’re a steady Steampunk fan, how can you maintain your identity, while at the same time, take advantage of all the devices the modern age has to offer? Follow these tips for how to change your 21st century technology into contraptions reminiscent of the Age of Steam:

Chose What Devices To Revamp:

The first thing you need to do is decide which electronics are absolutely necessary for you. These are the devices that you want your love of Steampunk to shine through on, even though they aren’t the machinery of the Steampunk era.

Remodel Your Devices:

Once you’ve selected the devices that you want to improve, it’s time to give them a Steampunk look. Give your phone a case that is styled with gears, clocks, cogs, and other steampunk themed designs. You can either draw these on yourself, or buy a blank case and glue on the accessories. Although you’ll still be using technology of the 21st century, now it has an Age of Steam feel. You can do the same with the back of your laptop or computer, your car, your kitchen appliances, even your television. The more gears you add, the more these items will fit into the style of the Steampunk culture. Add little accessories to all your electronic devices and you can sport this eye-catching look while still taking advantage of the advances that come with the modern age. Make sure you use lots of grays and blacks while you’re redecorating your electronics to make them look as authentic as possible.

Restyle Your Wardrobe:

Lastly, in order to fully embrace steampunk, you need to dress the part. It’s not enough to use steampunk-styled electronics, you also need to style yourself. Even if you carry a state-of-the-art modern cell phone (covered in steamy clocks and gears of course!), as long as you look like you stepped off the pages of a Jules Verne novel, you can pass as a fantastically redone Victorian guy or gal. Add sexy steampunk goggles to your typical outfit and you’re well on your way to committing to a steampunk lifestyle.

Welcome aboard!