Homemade Steampunk Candy & Treats

Create your very own steampunk candy out of chocolate!

All right, we’re going to be honest here and say that this Steampunk candy is not authentic candy from the Victorian Age or Industrial Age. Nor is it futuristic candy from an alternate science-fiction universe. However, it is delicious and when shaped in a Steampunk style, you’ve got easy homemade candy that’s perfect for a 21st century guy or gal. These homemade treats are a great activity for the kids to participate in (and help eat too!), or a unique food for you to serve at a party. They are easy to make and yummy to eat, so enjoy!

First, fill a small aluminum foil pan with lightly packed brown sugar. You want to press the sugar down hard enough that it fits firmly in the pan and molds to the pan’s shape, but lose enough that it’s not too hard or solid. Then, go to a vintage store and collect old antiques or cheap costume jewelry and steampunk accessories in the shape of gears. You can even rummage through your home and find a variety of different things, like old clocks or watches, or the parts from any old toys that no one plays with anymore instead. Clean these items off really well using soap and water and then dry it completely. Then, place whichever gear you choose in the brown sugar and press down until the shape is imprinted in it. Lift the gear straight up (careful not to move it around and mess up the casting) using tweezers if you have to. Once you have your mold, melt some chocolate chips or a regular chocolate bar in a frying pan or in the microwave. Be careful not to burn the chocolate. It shouldn’t take long to melt, so keep an eye on it the whole time.

When the chocolate is loose and runny, carefully pour the chocolate into the mold you made. Then set the pan in the refrigerator for anywhere between 20 minutes and an hour until the chocolate freezes in the shape of your gears and cogs. Once it is sufficiently frozen, remove the pan and run the sugar under a light to medium stream of cold water to remove all the grains. The gear-shaped chocolate should pop right out and you’ve got a steampunk styled candy that you can enjoy!

For an extra spice, before you pour the chocolate into the mold, sprinkle some cinnamon, sugar, or other spices and then add the chocolate so that the front of your gears will have an extra dash of special steaminess. These steampunk candies make a perfect and easy snack for you and your family to enjoy, or invite your friends over for a party and impress them with your candy-making skills.

This is the perfect steampunk treat not only because it looks and tastes great, but also because it is reminiscent of the blacksmithing casting that was done during the age of steam. Experiment with different sizes and shapes and you can make a large variety of different steampunk candy and look like an industrial inventor in the process.

Happy cooking!

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