A New Steampunk Movie from Artist John Garrett


Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a…what is that thing?

Well, whatever it is it’s carrying some familiar faces for those who have been following along on this site. The work of artist John Garrett comes to life in a new Steampunk movie based on original characters created for SteampunkGoggles.com.

Initially created as part of a marketing campaign for SteampunkGoggles the characters started to take on a life of their own. “Once I initially made up the characters I was always thinking of their backstory, and making them into a silent film of sorts seemed like the way to lend the most humor to it.” Our heroes, now known as The Unloveable Doctor and The Bludgeoner, team up for a high flying adventure in a new animated short; The Bludgeoner, of course, wearing her trademark studded goggles.

The five minute video consists of John’s usual highly detailed artwork in panel form, joined together by transitions and background music to form a “motion comic”. The short is entirely written, drawn, edited, and produced by John himself using a variety of programs from Daz Studio, to Photoshop, to iMovie.

A motion comic in progress

Creating the artwork was business as usual but animating his panels and adding music was a whole new world to John. “I don’t do video files too often. I had to add my images to iPhoto before iMovie would see them, then it became a matter of adding in transitions, adjusting the timing on specific frames, and adding in the visual effects. Adding the audio was a bit tricky. Without having access to a lot of “safe” public domain music, I was forced to use the Garageband loops installed on my machine.I must have listened to a solid hour of those damn loops before I found ones I could use. All in all, I got a kick out of doing it, and hopefully this is something that can help the Steampunk Goggles brand in the future.”

With one Steampunk movie under his belt hopefully the adventure will continue. What else will we learn about these two? What new villains will they encounter? Why is the doctor so unloveable? Tune in and see!

Visit John’s site at Hypertransitory.com

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