Steampunk Art / Friday, Aug 25 2017 7:00PM

Burning Man 2017 Theme & Other Festivals

This year, Burning Man has a new art theme: Radical Ritual. It takes the concept of religion and ritual, customs that are commonly inherited from our parents and ancestors, and bends these concept into a series of unusual installations and events at the art camps that participants have set up in the desert. The goal […]

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Steampunk Art / Tuesday, Feb 17 2015 3:05PM

Western Art with a Twist

Not long ago we received a call from a customer looking for purchase some of our leather straps for a special project he was working on. Intrigued to learn more we asked him to share the details of his project, and we ended up finding an awesome new artist to watch!

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Steampunk Events / Monday, Jan 19 2015 10:30AM

“Live A Little” – Short Film Review

A trailer was recently released for the short film, Live A Little, which is set to be released in 2015.This short film is a coming-of-age story that features an imaginative young girl who faces a life-altering turn of events. The story portrays the main character, Haley, and her interactions with family and friends as she […]

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Steampunk Art / Wednesday, Dec 24 2014 9:25PM

How to Winterize Your DIY Steampunk Goggles for 2015

You may have stumbled across these winter goggles on our website. They’re a great accessory for winterizing your steampunk attire at your next event, without a whole lot of work. The metallic snowflakes pop out against the dark gray textured goggles while matching harmoniously with the silver eye cups and mirrored lenses. In this article, […]

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Pop Culture / Sunday, Aug 24 2014 11:20AM

FBTB MOC Madness 2014: Steam Wars

We were very excited to see the FBTB MOC Madness results for 2014. This Lego competition had a heavy steampunk-meets-Star-Wars theme to it and the entries were impressive to say the least. The final selections have been narrowed down to 4, two of which are modeled after AT-AT walkers. We’re very excited to see who […]

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Steampunk lifestyle / Sunday, Jun 22 2014 5:55PM

Scrapyard Empire

Scrapyard Empire is a fun game for two to four players that also includes a solo mode if you want to play a quick one-player game. The rules are easy to learn, where most people will pick it up within just a few minutes. But like many other great games, this one will take time […]

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Steampunk lifestyle / Tuesday, Jan 28 2014 2:39AM

Shanghai Steam, A Steampunk Wuxia Anthology

Steampunk has its roots as a literary genre, and even though people tend to think of it today as a visual medium there are still plenty of writers out there coming up with Steampunk tales to captivate eager readers. Shanghai Steam is an anthology of stories featuring a mashup of Chinese Wuxia fantasy and Steampunk. […]

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Steampunk Art / Saturday, Jan 11 2014 12:23AM

Steampunk Goggles, The Deck: FUNDED!

At exactly 5:37pm on Friday our Kickstarter campaign for Steampunk Goggles, The Deck officially ended. Not only did we meet our initial goal, but we exceeded it enough to include some stretch goals we had hoped to bring to all of our amazing backers. We couldn’t have asked for a better way to start off […]

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Steampunk Art / Wednesday, Jan 01 2014 6:13AM

Steampunk New Year 2014 Desktop Wallpaper

Happy New Year! Here’s a free wallpaper based on our campaign for a deck of playing cards on Kickstarter. Feel free to download, share and enjoy! Special thanks to the crew: Julia Moore, Jenelle Sosa, Mike Patierno and Andrea Mateus! Just right-click and save the 1920×1080 wallpaper image below 🙂

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Pop Culture / Saturday, Dec 14 2013 7:36AM

Steampunk Goggles: The Deck – Help make a deck of Steampunk playing cards

At we’ve always been about collaboration and highlighting the work of talented artists, and we’re happy to announce our biggest collaboration to date! Steampunk Goggles: The Deck is a hand illustrated, Limited Edition deck of cards featuring Steampunk archetypes wearing artistic renditions of real Steampunk Goggles that are featured on our site. See The […]

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