Rebel Winged Steampunk Goggles


This steampunk gear has intricately designed wings on each side and has dangling ball chain accents that will match any of your steampunk jewelry.

  • Winged embellishments on each side
  • Dangling ball chain accents
  • Riveted around the rims
  • Antiqued brass color
  • Adjustable and lined for comfort
  • Functional welding goggles

Handmade Details:

  • Creatively crafted in the USA
  • Lightweight material for comfort
  • Expertly painted with two coatings for antique appearance
  • Glues & Sealants for long-lasting quality
  • Air-dried for flawless finish

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Embrace the steampunk fusion of old school flair and sci-fi style, and then finish it with a flourish by using these rebel winged steampunk goggles. It boasts a pair of leafy, winged embellishments on the side with dangling ball chain accents. This steampunk gear is also lined with rivets around the rims, has a ball chain bridge, and an antiqued brass color. The Rebel Winged Steampunk Goggles embodies the essence of steampunk in every way. As these are fully functional welding goggles with comfortable lining and adjustable straps, they’ll serve you well, regardless of whether you’re looking to make a statement or are gearing to head to your workshop and craft a DIY steampunk costume of your own. Try them out for at your next steampunk event!

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