A Steampunk RPG Review

Steampunk and rpg games? Makes perfect sense!
Steampunk and rpg games? Makes perfect sense!

One Role Playing Game (RPG) that presents both a stimulating intellectual challenge and a gripping storyline is called Über RPG: Steampunk. Operating under the catchphrase: “Welcome to a world of mad, inspirational wonders and wild scientific theory, wrapped in fog, run by gears, and lit by gaslight,” this steampunk inspired game is a great outlet for your creative minds. This game can be played in two different ways: as a Live Action Role Playing Game or as a Table Top Game. If you play it using the second option, you can invite all your friends to join in the fun! Make sure they dress up in their best steampunk look (they can even model their look off their character in the game for a more authentic experience) and don’t forget to serve some steampunk-themed snacks!

The thing that makes this game so innovative, especially in the world of modern role play gaming, is a de-emphasis on rules. The creators wanted to keep this game fun and light, with the focus on the storytelling and action rather than what can and can’t happen. While this may seem obvious, many gamers believe that RPG games have been “dead” since the early 90’s because more recent games are extremely restrictive and controlled, following a rigid system that must be maintained at all costs. That’s not the case with this game.

Although there’s a Steampunk theme throughout, it’s designed in a way to fit into any and every genre. In addition, the character creation interface is very open so it’s easy to create a persona surrounding almost any personality and image. As the creators say, the characters are individuals, not “cut-out archetypes.” This gives individuals more freedom when it comes to creating their character, powers, and abilities, which essentially leads to a very open role-playing experience that is good for all skill levels.

If you’re new to RPG, don’t let that deter you. Both the dice system and combat rules are really simple to master and remember. At the same time, the different levels can present an interesting challenge to experienced gamers.

The entire experience is very steampunk oriented (as long as you know what to look for!). While waiting to spring your ambush, you can grab a bite of Victorian-esque food to eat at the local bar or brothel; a class system is created based on the industrial hierarchy; if you throw around old English spelling in your conversation (writing “colour” instead of “color,” for example), strangers tend to give you free potions to boost your strength! Little things peppered throughout the game give off the steampunk vibe without being overwhelming so you can enjoy your game without it seeming too commercial.

This is a great way to interact and connect with other Steampunkers. RPG brings unconnected individuals of all backgrounds and races together by uniting them with a like interest (and giving them something to compete about, of course). So grab your steampunk goggles and gather your friends—this is an adventure you won’t want to miss!

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