steampunk games / Monday, Mar 31 2014 3:41PM

Galliant Games: Our World, Your Entertainment

After the success of Steampunk Goggles, The Deck we got to thinking of what else we could accomplish if we put our collective heads together. We found that one of the many reasons we loved this project so much was that a deck of cards has so many uses and most of all it’s a […]

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Pop Culture / Wednesday, Feb 12 2014 3:14AM

Romance is in the cards for The King and Queen of Hearts

Steampunk Goggles, The Deck was made possible by lots of amazing backers including a few who pledged to have their likenesses appear in the deck’s court cards. But there was one backer who wouldn’t stop until he had secured not one, but two royal seats. Dan Garf, an engineering student and professional magician, was determined […]

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Steampunk Events / Saturday, Jan 11 2014 12:23AM

Steampunk Goggles, The Deck: FUNDED!

At exactly 5:37pm on Friday our Kickstarter campaign for Steampunk Goggles, The Deck officially ended. Not only did we meet our initial goal, but we exceeded it enough to include some stretch goals we had hoped to bring to all of our amazing backers. We couldn’t have asked for a better way to start off […]

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Steampunk Art / Wednesday, Jan 01 2014 6:13AM

Steampunk New Year 2014 Desktop Wallpaper

Happy New Year! Here’s a free wallpaper based on our campaign for a deck of playing cards on Kickstarter. Feel free to download, share and enjoy! Special thanks to the crew: Julia Moore, Jenelle Sosa, Mike Patierno and Andrea Mateus! Just right-click and save the 1920×1080 wallpaper image below 🙂

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Steampunk lifestyle / Monday, Dec 23 2013 6:40PM

World of Steam, A Steampunk Web Series

The team at SteampunkGoggles aren’t the only ones with Kickstarter fever. Not that long ago Matt Yang King, the producer of World of Steam, launched a Kickstarter of his own to bring his vision of a Steampunk web series to life. World of Steam is an anthology series of unconnected short films (much like The […]

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Steampunk Art / Saturday, Dec 14 2013 7:36AM

Steampunk Goggles: The Deck – Help make a deck of Steampunk playing cards

At we’ve always been about collaboration and highlighting the work of talented artists, and we’re happy to announce our biggest collaboration to date! Steampunk Goggles: The Deck is a hand illustrated, Limited Edition deck of cards featuring Steampunk archetypes wearing artistic renditions of real Steampunk Goggles that are featured on our site. See The […]

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